You keep doing that brilliant thing you do.

I’ll handle the words.


and by handle i mean,capture

Your story

Your message

Your schtick

in fun and quirky words 

woven through every piece of content like a magical, technicolour carpet. (The same carpet Aladdin used to woo Jasmine, incidentally - coupled with his curiously feminine falsetto.) 

This content carpet will lift you outta struggle street and send your brand soaring

up, up and over the rabble.

With the right words (and carpet references) you’ll take your customers to places they’ve never been before.

To a whole new world of love, trust and loyalty.

Forget cheesy sales funnels.

my words bring ideal customers to your door

staring at you with dilated Disney pupils.

So, you keep doing brilliant business.

I’ll tell people about it.




Hey! You made it to the bottom of the page. Not much happens down here. It's just a thick layer of HTML and the occasional giant squid scuttling past with David Attenborough in tow. Now that you are here, want to know what's behind my logo? That spotty one, down there? I agree - it's kind of obtuse. Probably putting my brand in jeopardy, but I've committed to it now. It's a potato. Why? Potatoes are delicious. They're simple, versatile, nourishing, crowd-pleasing. They're honest, humble and always in style. Potatoes, like good words, can sustain you - even if you aren't Irish. (Also, have you ever tried roasting them in duck fat? You won't regret it). Want more oddball stories? Try the Catie Payne blog.