Writing bios for a living makes this page pretty important.

(So here are 3 different versions, to cover my ass.)

 Is riding a skateboard compatible with a serious About page? You decide.

 Is riding a skateboard compatible with a serious About page? You decide.

Short n zany

Catie is a word nerd, early bird and kinda absurd. She has a rescue greyhound named Daaaaave who is semi-famous on Instagram and thinks he’s a cat. She dreams of moving to Tassie and digging spuds in dungarees.


Catie Payne is an unconventional copywriter. Preferring creativity to the cold-sell, she helps clients talk about what they do with honesty, humour + zest.

It’s ethical, loved-up marketing that sidesteps cheesey sales goo and speaks from the heart.

It’s words your audience will go wild for, like seagulls descending on a pile of hot chips.


Catie has a background in communications and media, is a qualified naturopath and herbalist, and sports a special interest farming and food production. She writes for health industry heavyweights such as Ovvio, The Wellness Couch, Athletic Greens and Clinic Mastery and professional bodies like the ACC - plus NGOs like Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, teachers, record stores, your best man. Everyone benefits from great words. Especially seagulls.

Is YOUR bio giving you hives?

I get it. Writing about yourself is hard.

If you want someone to take that bio off your plate and hand it back to you, piping hot and perfect - I’m only an email away.