Santa's 8 ridiculous reindeer and their rules for better writing.

There's no snow in 'Straya and copywriters live behind screens for a reason. But, here we are - wishing you a Merry Christmas!

There's no snow in 'Straya and copywriters live behind screens for a reason. But, here we are - wishing you a Merry Christmas!

It’s all happening.

My family materialise from interstate, tonight. Christmas is doing warm-up calisthenics in the corner. My birthday is tomorrow - and I haven’t even had the chance to get to know 27 yet.

Plus, it’s hot. Real hot. Aussie hot. Call-a-prawn-a-shrimp-and-flame-grill-it, hot.

How you holding up? Do you thrive or wilt during December? Are you sticking with family or sailing solo during the hols?

Festive interrogation, over.

Onto the reindeer!

Tis the season to make readers cringe with hackneyed christmas references.

Which means that any ‘better writing’ tips I give during the month of December must mention fat dudes, backyard cricket, 20/20 cricket, fat dudes playing backyard 20/20 cricket or inedible cake (Santa ate the good stuff).

As I was pondering how the heck to relate Christmas and writing, I glanced at my dog.

My dog Daaave the greyhound.

Daaave the greyhound with elongated features and extendable limbs and an uncanny resemblance to… REINDEER!

Eureka! Santa’s reindeer were the perfect metaphoric vehicle for my sleigh of better writing tips.

Tenuous? Is that tenuous?

Well, the reindeer are here to stay - and this is their advice for better writing in 2017.

Dasher - Write fast.

Dancer - Write bubbly.

Prancer - Write like you know what you’re talking about.

Vixen - Seduce your reader. Get emotional. Get naked.

Comet - Blaze a trail through the darkness and light up the freakin’ internet.

Cupid - Shoot down your darlings with an arrow. Cast a spell on your audience with magically refreshing content.

Donner - Tell stories about some chick called Donna to keep it human.

Blitzen - Detonate truth bombs. Be honest, be real, be a clean, clear voice in the wilderness. Tell it like it is about your industry. Make your readers think, blink and say - BOOM!

Clever reindeer.

Questions? Hit reply! I’m a few cinnamon sprigs short of eggnog, but I can answer your curly copywriting queries.

In the meantime, enjoy yourself these holidays. It’s what they’re for! And let’s reconvene next year to talk words. 

Thank you so much for your support, kind emails, pep talks and eyeballs this year! Big December gratitude. 

Catie & Daaave the grey-deer.