How my dog Dave used great words to woo his target audience (and score a sweet media cameo).

Dave chilling

Even dogs know the value of great communication.

You can only say ‘woof’ so many times before people’s eyes get all squinty and they hit you with a jet of squirty water.

Yes. Dogs need creative ways with words, too.

And that’s precisely what my greyhound Dave realised when faced with rejection from a real estate agent.

We’d spied our dream rental.

It was a retro hipster cottage, fit for a gal and her hound. Bright white spaces, high ceilings and a backyard bristling with shrubbery for Dave to defecate in.

We wanted it.

We had to have it.

We’d stop at nothing!

But then, the inevitable: No dogs allowed.

We barked our indignation.

Sniffed as many butts as possible for a divine sign.

Rolled over and played dead.

What to do?

In the end, it was obvious.

We needed to hook ‘em with good words.

Dave and I workshopped a cunning plan over liver jerky and bone broth. We’d win their canine-hatin’ hearts with a well-worded doggie resume and references.

Dave is, after all, an inert-sack-o-potatoes. He’s the perfect domestic fixture.

So I forwarded the real estate agent a Canine CV + glowing reference from my last residence.

Want to read it?

Be my guest.

The owner did, and revised her no-pets policy.

So not only am I typing this from my new bedroom - double doors opening onto a cobbled courtyard, pretty plaster ceilings and snoozing dog in the corner - but I’m once again marveling at the power of words.

It’s all in the way that you say it.

In business, life, love, rental rejection, the right words win hearts, make sales, build relationships and get your paw in the door of that previously pet-unfriendly property.

Oh, and the media cameo?

A friend-of-a-friend - who’s a radio presenter for Adelaide’s main pop station - heard about our rental win and featured Dave’s story on her morning show.

Pretty sure he got an extra three Instagram followers outta that.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Dave legs

NOW YOU! Have you ever written persuasive and perfect words to score something you wanted? Tell me in the comments! Dave reads each and every one.