Two secret words to make your readers blub (with joy/happiness/connection)

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I have one question and one opinion for you.

Neither relate to marketing or selling stuff online (YESSSSSS! they roar).

Both are pro-ductive and anti-pasto. (What is pasto? And why are oily tomatoes and artichokes against it? That's not the question, but if you know the answer - please share.)

The question is:

Are you a goldfish?

I am. Tell me you are, too.

Here's how to know:

> You forget things instantly, like *bloop*.

> You swim in circles, stuck in a loop of procrastination and snacking - despite having learned lessons, read books and stepped into your power at Tony Robbins seminars. (Ew. Squelchy.)

> Your body has scales.

> When you cry, your eyes inflate like bilious blisters and affix to the side of your head - similarly to those weird bobble-eyed goldfish. What is WITH that?

> You've always had a secret urge to taste fish flakes.

Did you say ME TOO! to any of those?

If so, you're sliding nicely into the second part of this post: the opinion bit.

I've been thinking about the power of words a lot lately, and I reckon ME TOO are two of the most potent words out there.


They connect. Salve. Soothe. Defuse.

Me too offer the sweet solidarity every confused and deeply anxious human needs - and wants to hear.

Me too reassure, calm and connect. They remind us that our pain and awkwardness, our neuroses and irate inner monologue, our intense cravings for fish food and propensity to pick boogers in secret is probably universal.

Saying me too sticks customers to you like velcro.

WHOOPS. YEA SHE DID. SURPRISE! This post IS about marketing. Ha!

Being able to communicate the exact problem your (ideal) customers face, then saying - you know what? Me too! is the best - the BEST - way to generate rapport, connection and conversions online.

Even better if you offer a solution *WINK*.

If you want to sell stuff that is.

But if you're anything like me, you just want to swim around inside a tank flirting with bubbles and gazing at your fins in the glass.

Goldfish, hey.

Do you agree with me on this?

Are you using the power of me too in your business?

What's your favourite moisturizer? (You know...for the scales.)

Thanks for reading such a fishy post.