Communication hacks | STAND FOR SOMETHING

Dear business owners + passionate everyday peeps,

If there's one thing you ask yourself today, make it this:

'What do I stand for?'

Standing for something is imperative in this world of anemic online content.

Don't stoop to blend in, mumbling the same everyday guff.

Stand up, stand out.

Voice those beliefs - borne of passion, insight, industry know-how.

What's wrong with the world?

Tell us.

Write about it.

Weave it into your business messaging.

We want to know!

What gets you mad?


Throwing adult tanty-s?

Maybe you're about reducing food waste. Perhaps it's helping people do exercise they love - not loathe. You might stand for reusable coffee cups.

Whatever it is, stand up and tell us.

Don't be shy.

Get emotional.

Get us on board.

Implore us to hop off our flabby hindquarters and join you.

What do you stand for?

Articulating this will prick the ears of your ideal customer and make you memorable in a sea of same same. (And look, it'll help you sell stuff. Because we're not being martyrs here.)

Plus, it's good to stand for something. Otherwise, you'll fall for anything.

Share your stance in the comments. Personal, business, other.