How to reverse a buzzword lobotomy.

It’s Saturday.

The tiles are clean.

Caffeine is coursing through my cauliflower.

I feel sassy. Woof!

So I wrote you this 45 second post about something so fundamental to online marketing that getting it wrong will royally roger your business

Getting it right will allow you to sell more stuff. Lots, lots more stuff. (Trust me, I’m a person who writes persuasive words for a living.) Meet you at the end? Brillo.

Have you had a buzzword lobotomy?

The more we toss about terms like sales funnels and conversions and list growth and leads - the harder it is to remember that:

It all comes back to people.

People read your posts.

People open your emails.

People download your eBook and are either delighted, disappointed or distracted by a meme their mate just tagged them in of a sausage dog stuck up a tree. (In which case step aside, ‘cos snaghounds in shrubbery will always wein(er).)

People aren’t passively ‘funneled’; they’re actively engaged and guided towards your product or service. If they connect with you. If you speak their language. If you sound trustworthy. Bonus points for making them laugh.

Please don’t.

Write your marketing material on auto-pilot.

Plug robotic words into a page with flashing red and yellow banners and obnoxious buttons that deserve to be punched, not clicked.

Waste people’s time with dreary content.

Please do.

Connect with the person on the other side of the screen.

Say it like you mean it.

Write to entertain.

Get personal. Be personable.

Put your goddamn heart into it! (Or at least a small triangle of liver because it magically regenerates.)

Those marketing strategies sure do work, yes, yes, good, no arguments.

But don’t become lobotomised by buzzwords.

Instead of ‘doing’ marketing on autopilot - writing content creation, lead magnets, whatever - return to the plain and simple truth:

It's all about people.

Write for real people, connect with real people, do business with real people.

Share your thoughts in the comments or email me - especially on a Friday because I’ll respond to you in rhyme. Do it!