Encouragement to be weird for people who love Fleetwood Mac.


Before reading another line of this post, open a new tab, head to YouTube and find Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way. Press play.

This is your soundtrack.

(Or you can just click the big ole image below.)

Maybe the song is about fractured relationships and conflicting romantic aspirations, a melodic testimonial of Lindsey Buckingham’s frustration with an in-demand and unsympathetic Stevie Nicks. Could be. I’d prefer to take the chorus at face value; YOU CAN GO YOUR OWN WAAAAAAAAY the victory chant of a rebel, a nonconformist, an opposite-direction junkie.

You can go your own way, you know.

In fact, why don’t you?

If there’s a business model, a never-before-seen-product, a weird style of clothing, a haircut, a diet, a hobby, a belief system, an odd way of communicating, an elephant in the room - something ignored by ‘everyone else’ - permission to say it, create it, be it.

Go your own way. Embrace the unpopular. Do the opposite.

(Get noticed in the process.)

The well-worn path is the crowded path, the competitive path, the boring AF path. It demands little thought or creativity. It drowns your voice and leaves your thinking in a rut. When the mob runs in one direction, great opportunities are left naked and quivering on the pavement.

What are you missing by following the masses?

Like today, for instance. Wednesday. Hump day. Full of withering mid-week memes and a sense of hopelessness and apathy. But what if Wednesdays were your FAVOURITE day? What if, while everyone else is hating on their day jobs, you were hustlin, making the most of the temporary slump in collective enthusiasm?

Go your own way. Do the opposite.

What if you were brave enough to say what’s on your mind?

What if you called out the holes in your industry?

What if you went to the beach in the middle of winter, launched yourself starkers into the waves and felt the iced excitement of having a slice of nature all to yourself?

What if you said YUM! to healthy foods people turn their noses up at? What if that was a business waiting to happen?

What if you refused to post inspirational quotes and took your social media in a completely new direction?

What if you brought back double corduroy?

What if you created a new language around health, marketing, coaching, whatever?

What if you told the bitter truth?

What if you DIDN’T put a call-to-action at the bottom of that email?

What if you followed-through on what you really, truly, desperately wanted - without reference to convention? (Short of stabbing people with a spork.)

See what I’m getting at here?

Consider what you’re missing by accepting the status quo.

Sidestep it.

Your way is better, because it’s different.

And being different is not only creatively satisfying, but golden for business. (And life. And art. And whatever.)

You can go your own way. (Go your own way-ay-ayyyyyy.)

Stick that in your pipe, chuck it in the bin, and go vape at the bus stop.