What your competition doesn't know: the 'trivial' pieces of copy that make your brand go BANG!


There's a fine line between forgettable and favourite brand ever.

Literally, the fine print. 

Ignore disclaimers, subheadings, subscription confirmations, FAQs, 404 not found error messages, invoice receipts and contact details at your peril - for they have the power to make people love you. 

Consider this: while those other schmucks are copy-and-pasting the same old info, you could be crafting a 'thanks for subscribing!' one-liner that makes readers sit up, take notice and remember your brand for more than five minutes. In fact, secure you a permanent possie in their pumphouse.

Sweat the small stuff. Shine where others shrink.

Your competition likely offer the same service as you (oh, cruel world!) but do they go the extra mile to make readers smile? 

Do they care enough to create a fun and friendly opt-in confirmation?

Do they foster intimacy in every nook, cranny and line of copy associated with their biz?

Or do they say the same old shit as everyone else? 

'You have been added to our list.'
'Click here to view email in a new window.'
'Error 404.'
'You have been unsubscribed.'
'Invoice #4654 is overdue.'
'Payment received.'

Every word has the power to differentiate you, to delight prospects and prove you're a cut above. 

Blow your competition out of the water by detonating tiny copy bombs in the smallest of spaces.

Amplify each line. 

Leverage the fine print.