Brand in Hand

Great businesses are memorable.

They have an angle, a concept, a recognisable voice.

They join the dots between product, service and aspiration.

They make people go HA HA! or AH-HA! or HOLY SHIT I WANT THAT.

They’re more than the sum of their parts.

They’re a BRAND.

Are you confused about how to turn your business into a brand?

How to differentiate your product or service?

How to articulate your special somethin’ and it’s value?

Here to Help

Brand in Hand is a quick, quirky and wildly helpful service (brought to you by a quick, quirky and wildly helpful gal) that helps you get clear on who you are, what you do and HOW TO SAY IT - at a price that won’t clean you out.

It’s a springboard of killer ideas to help you DIVE into marketing and make more money.

It’s a weight off your brain.

It’s the brand boost you’re looking for.

It’s your business idea - a little bit vague, confused and cryptic - taken off your plate and handed back, as a brand, so you can start promoting yourself silly.

And making mad cash.


Want to see an example of Brand in Hand in action? Check out this case study from Gnarly Timbers - reclaimed wood for fish tanks and terrariums.

What You Get

✔ A slick booklet {personally formatted and aesthetically delicious}

✔ 4 x brand angles or concepts {once you know your ANGLE, you can tackle anything}

✔ A summary of your brand identity & values {the foundation of EVERYTHING you do in business. Get ‘em solid}

✔ Your unique selling point {you’ve got to know this to position yourself, stand out from your competitors and capture hearts}

✔ Notes on tone & communication style {so you can produce ongoing content, yourself}

✔ Words to include & avoid {handy for social media posts, website language and staff training}

Brand stories:

→ 2 x short {for swing tags}

→ 1 x long {to inspire bios, about pages, collateral & press releases}

✔ The benefits of your product or service {to HAM UP, share, focus on & spread like a communicable disease… that presents as profits, fortune & fame - not ulcers}

Taglines - up to 15 {stand out one-liners to use on your website, business cards, collateral, in interviews, elevators, during small-talk that could lead somewhere big. Everyone needs taglines. They’re your business mantra}

✔ Clever ideas for spin-offs & future possibilities for your brand.

Every Brand in Hand package includes:

→ 1 x questionnaire {you telling me about yourself}

→ 1 x 15 minute chat {us exchanging important details}

Perfect for

✔ People with an idea that they want to ACTION, NOW (but keep getting stuck).

✔ Established businesses that aren’t connecting with their ideal customers.

✔ Service-based businesses that haven’t solidified their point of difference.

✔ Product-based businesses that can’t figure out how to stand out from the competition.

✔ Small businesses seeking a brand refresher.

✔ Coaches, solopreneurs and freelance types who need an identity, stat.

Ain't for

Big companies who want an intensive branding experience that takes a long time, costs many coins & plans their marketing for the next 25 years.

Note: This isn't a high-end branding service. Those cost thousands. THOUSANDS. Got the dosh? Seriously, go do that. I won’t be offended.


The tiny, grey-matter marketing monkey in my brain is telling me to go bananas with phrases like ALL THIS FOR JUST...! and THAT'S LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A SINGLE ORIGIN SOY LATTE!

But I just can't do it.

See for yourself when you shop around or sit down to quantify the ongoing value to your biz.

Brand in Hand is a bargain*.

Here's what you pay:

Right-now price - $399

{Going-back-up-soon price - $499}

Want to see an example of Brand in Hand in action? Check out this case study from Gnarly Timbers - reclaimed wood for fish tanks and terrariums.

*WHY is it a bargain? you ask. WHAT'S THE CATCH? Nothing. It's just my favourite thing to do, ever, and comes more naturally than a porpoise jumping through one of those glittery hoops at SeaWorld. Don't even need to throw me a pilchard.

Get yours

Alright, already.

You keen?

Get the ball rolling by filling out this ACTUALLY FUN questionnaire.

Tell me about yourself and your brilliant biz. I'll be in touch to book a chat.

Got questions? Click here to sling me an email.

I can't wait to get ridiculously excited about your product, service, idea or bit of driftwood - and make it the most enticing prospect ever for your ideal customers.

Get your brand, in hand.