Should we make beautiful verbs together?

If you want...

→ Words that are off-beat and quirky.

→ Words with texture, colour and imagination.

→ Words that connect with your audience, delight your customers, convert your readers into foaming-at-the-mouth fans.

→ Words that make you moneh moneh. (Let’s drop the humility and hug a fat wad of cash close to our collective bosom, honouring money as a tool for better service and positive change. Namaste.)

→ Words that make the boring shit in business sound fun.

→ Words that do you proud, your brand justice and inspire millions.... MILLIONS.

...we have serious professional chemistry. Let's chat.


Maybe it ain't gonna work between us if...

→ You're an Aries. Don't ask. It's just a thing.

→ You want to sound like everyone else.

→ You want ‘optimized content’ with blah blah keywords, anally-retentive SEO and industry jargon. I write for humans, not algorithms.

→ You’re a multinational with scant regard for the environment/plight of endangered albatross.

→ You ask me to include words like ‘authentic’, ‘divine’ and ‘heart-centered’.

→ You want a sales funnel with all the cheesy bells and whistles. {I'm better at telling the truth about what you do in creative and naturally click-able ways.}

Hey, still feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or want me to refer a brilliant colleague.