I'm not even sure, to be honest.

Don't Know is:


The place you come to feel better about having absolutely no clue about what you’re doing, where you’re going or what to have for dinner.


→ a blog/podcast pop-up that's so hot right now.

→ a place for confused Millennials who just want answers. And a biscuit.

→ low FODMAP advice for the self-help intolerant.

→ thoughts on life to take with a grain of salt, pepper, whatever.

→ wisdom you can’t rely on.

→ you rationalizing your bad decisions.

→ a hub of non-judgy people making you feel better cos hey, we suck too.

→ a place to laugh at yourself.

→ a place to explore the sticky mess of self-development and life and work and happiness. {Ew, sticky}.

→ a community of confused creatives to make you feel less alone {but still just as messed-up}.

→ everyone squattin under a bridge burning self-help books in barrels, swigging rum.

→ a safe zone for repressed pyromaniacs cos this is the Internet and you can’t set invisible things on fire.

→ a place to find your marbles, and lose them again.

→ written by a chick who has no idea what she’s talking about.

→ and is also lazier than her greyhound, who is the laziest dog ever, so will probably/definitely leave you all in the lurch next month when the reality of producing a podcast, creative content and witty memes paired with the daily rigmarole of catching money becomes too much.

Look, I'm just trying to solve some shit and do life better.

Want in?