No time to read? Here's the gist.

For a limited time, I'm partnering with small-to-medium businesses to overhaul their copy - from websites to weekly newsletters and everything in-between. Rather than piecemeal quotes and projects, I cameo as your in-house copywriter for 4 - 8 weeks; writing, polishing and perfecting the words keeping you up at night. We set a list of priorities, you send me the info, I dedicate one day per week to your copy. Action the items stagnating on your to-do list; stand behind a beautifully communicated brand. Keen to check availability? Send me an email.

Imagine your brand was built on a foundation of clear, compelling words.

Imagine receiving spontaneous calls from new customers after they landed on your website - and loved it.

Imagine there were no typos or grammatical slips to undermine your authority and professionalism.

Imagine every internal document aligned with your brand tone, style, values.

Imagine your bio sounded human and inspiring - not cold and robotic.

Imagine you sent fresh and friendly emails that cut through crowded inboxes, boosting brand visibility (and sales to boot).

Imagine you were proud of how your brand sounded online.

How would it change the way you do business?

After 10 years of helping small-to-medium businesses communicate, I know that words are the secret sauce in every successful brand.

Once your website reads like a dream, Google grants you access to page one.

Once people connect with what you’re saying, they sign-up, book-in, beat down your door.

Once your emails are fresh, friendly and free from unnecessary fluff, people start opening them.

Once your blog posts and articles are written with flair, originality and authority, they get shared.

Once your internal comms are succinct and engaging, staff sit up and listen.

Once your company documents, email templates, autoresponders, invoice reminders, brochures and collateral are professionally written, you never have to worry about them again. They permanently delight readers, engender brand loyalty, stop disputes before they happen, cut down time spent ‘clarifying’ via phone and email and enhance your brand’s feng shui.

Keen to see my style in full swing? Click here for a swag of writing samples.

Every modern business knows the value of great words.

The problem? Finding the time to write them - let alone polish them to perfection. 

You may feel frozen at the keyboard, like every sentence is clunky, convoluted, kinda crap. You know what you want to say, but articulating it is impossible. The way your brand sounds - on your website, in press releases, even via email - is letting you down... but you're not sure what to do about it.

Even if you delegate to staff, chances are they’re inexpert writers, spending inordinate amounts of time muddling through, rather than producing profitable words.

Outsource to cheap virtual assistants? They represent great value for simple, specific jobs - but lack the vision and creativity required to create compelling copy.

Fortunately, there's a third option.


As a lifelong wordsmith (ask me about my in utero poetry) and experienced copywriter, my greatest satisfaction comes from helping businesses go from ambiguous to eloquent.

Providing an outside pair of eyes and 10 very fast fingers, I overhaul websites, bios, newsletters, autoresponders, collateral and internal communications - ensuring every word associated with your business is clear, compelling and captivating.

Like a virtual member of staff, you have me at your disposal for 4 - 8 weeks to reinvent your copy. Together we identify, re-imagine and re-write the words letting your brand down.

The relief will be palpable - not to mention, profitable.

Check out what my past and current clients have to say. They're a kind, honest bunch.

Or wrap your eyes around some copy samples to see if I'm for you.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 2.28.21 PM.png

If you like the sound of subscribing to a wordsmith, here’s what to expect.

What does the plan include?

→ My brain and words at your disposal for 4 - 8 weeks.

One day per week solely available to (and writing for) your business for five solid hours.

→ A deep and meaningful business chat to get clear on your brand tone, goals and priorities.

Do I need 4 or 8 weeks?

✔ 4 weeks (20 hours) is great for a website refresh, amassing a stockpile of social media updates, rewriting blog content, creating email templates or editing vital brand documents that are giving you hives.

✔ 8 weeks (40 hours) allows for extra creativity, branding and messaging help, bio reworks, a deep dive into the darkest recesses of your business - internal communications, templates, autoresponders, email marketing - take your pick.

Your investment.

Keep in mind that there are zero hidden fees involved in hiring a freelance copywriter. No superannuation, sick pay, insurance, bonuses, taxes or overheads. In fact, hiring a consultant works out cheaper on paper than a salary-paid staff member - plus, we don't drain the communal caffeine.

And before you ask - yes, I shaved a dollar off each package price because nobody likes big, fat, round numbers. 

Need one last look at how I've helped businesses polish and perfect their words? See samples, here. 

Due to current client load and ongoing projects, I can only work with three new businesses. Want to be one of them? Send me an email. I'm more than happy to answer any questions about availability, process, or my über photogenic adopted greyhound.

Looking forward to hearing from you.